Audio / Video Synchronization issues when "Sharing Computer Sound"

Dealing with 1-4 second sync issues

processing time

The Process

Zoom connects to internal audio feed.
Zoom then processes the audio for export via the stream.
Zoom then sends both the audio & video signals out into the stream.

Why it happens

Many factors are to blame for this including your internet speed. However the most common cause is that your processor speed and/or memory available is not sufficient (not to mention other factors) causing the audio signal is delayed based on the extra processing time required.

What's the fix?

  1. Plug It In
    You and your participants use an ethernet cable plugged directly into the router.

    Learn how to connect to your router from anywhere in the home.

  2. Computer Audio Reconnect
    Ask your participants to "leave computer audio" then "join computer audio" WITHOUT leaving your stream.

  3. Wi-Fi Reconnect
    Ask your participants to turn off Wi-Fi, wait 5 seconds, then turn it back on WITHOUT leaving your stream.

  4. *BEST* Direct Audio Connection
    Any of the "connection methods" on this page will fix this problem as they do not require any extra processing by your computer.

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Audio Streaming Solutions

Direct Line-In Method

Get mp3 quality sound and the fix for video/audio synchronization issues.

Line-In with Speaker Method

Get mp3 quality sound and the fix for video/audio synchronization issues plus a speaker!

Mic & Mixer Method

Set up your microphone system using an audio mixer.

Mic & Event Speaker Method

Set up your microphone system using an event speaker with built-in audio mixer.

Mobile Line-In Method

Start streaming or recording with full mp3 quality audio through your device!